Our Services & Offerings


Our focus is exclusively on brand protection and safety challenges, with our overarching corporate cause being to protect your company’s financial health, reputation, employees and customers.

We offer custom and industry specific solutions in a variety of markets including food service, grocery, retail, hospitality, manufacturing and industrial.

The products and solutions we’ve developed over the years may in may be found here.  They are also available for purchase through our global Distributor Network.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Contact us and tell us what challenges keep you up at night. See how we can put the power of our POMM process to work in developing a custom or industry solution that helps you sleep well again.


Our Power Of Many Minds® process is a streamlined methodology of utilizing many diverse minds in order to generate ideas and feedback, which are used to create solutions and provide creative guidance for solving business challenges. We believe this provides an optimum creative approach to developing new  products and discovering new business solutions.

We’ve had so much success using this powerful process that we’re now offering its power to you. Contact us to discuss how we can use our proven POMM process to deliver new and innovative products and solutions to your biggest challenges.


We’ve developed over 600 Safety Awareness Programs over the years winning multiple awards, so we know we’ve helped our clients successfully reach their employee teams and helped to improve safety throughout their organizations.

Our programs are memorable, impactful, simple to implement and cost effective. They are the best practice for advertising safety 24/7 and showing your employees you care about them and their safety. We offer:

  • Standard and custom employee Safety Awareness Programs
  • Subscription based programs
  • Custom emergency preparedness plans

Do you have anything in particular you’ve been thinking about? Contact us to solve your safety training challenges today!

Read our case study on our award winning Safety Awareness Programs.