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“CrewSafe has provided top notch innovation and solutions for our safety needs. CrewSafe has provided an amazing partnership for our recent safety needs around safe water handling. When current suppliers couldn’t hurdle the innovation challenge, CrewSafe was able to step up to the plate to meet our needs with an affordable and simplistic solution.”

Equipment & Engineering GroupYUM! Brands, Inc.

“We strongly recommend their Safety Training Program, because they are easy to use, contain relevant information and have demonstrated to be effective insurance for OSHA inspections.”

Brand Protection, Quality & Regulatory ComplianceDenny's

“Around two years ago, cuts from box cutters were our number one incident/recordable. From the start of using your cutter we have not had a cut incident. We did have one recordable which was due to the fact the employee did not use your cutter and used the old type. It was a major cut.”

Environment, Health & Safety DepartmentAT&T

“I have been happy with CrewSafe’s product (Safety Training Program & Communication Center Board), it’s simple, yet effective and easy to implement.”

Human Resources DepartmentLuna Grill Restaurants
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