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CrewSafe Knife Comparison Chart

CrewSafe’s knives are focused on filling the needs of our customers and their concerns in the workplace. Each of the knives have unique attributes... Read More →

Top 5 Things I Learned While Working in Restaurant Safety | Mike Keeler

Having worked in restaurants, convenient stores and large grocery supermarkets my entire career I have realized that the complexity of the business has always been.. Read More →

Leaning on Innovation in the Safety Industry | Mike Keeler

In 1970 OSHA enacted the General Duty Clause, which in part states “1) Employer shall furnish to each of his employees employment and a place.. Read More →

Here’s What Might Be Holding You Back from Your Next Big Idea

Whenever you hear of some great and disruptive new idea, do you ever think to yourself: Why didn’t I think of that? Do you wonder.. Read More →

CrewSafe® Wins 2016 GOOD DESIGN Award for Graphic Design

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CrewSafe® Wins 2016 GOOD DESIGN Award for Graphic Design CHICAGO – CrewSafe, division of Spellbound Development Group, Inc., wins The Chicago Athenaeum:.. Read More →

Innovation Doesn’t Have to Be BIG

Every innovator and entrepreneur yearns for the day when they can raise their hand in glory and proudly proclaim: EUREKA! Few people wake up in.. Read More →

CrewSafe® Launches New Product: The Viper PRO

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE CrewSafe® Launches New Product: Viper® PRO IRVINE, CA – CrewSafe, division of Spellbound® Development Group, Inc., introduces its new product, the Viper.. Read More →

How Can You Stimulate Your Motivation and Flex Your Creative Muscle

We’ve all been there before: sitting at our desks, staring at an empty screen, waiting for our creative muse to tap on our shoulder and.. Read More →